nov 28, 05
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H a n d l e : Linefreax
R e a l   n a m e : KeeZ van der Ven, TijZ van Hall, mc ugo
L o c a t e d   i n : Lichtenvoorde (The Netherlands)
F u n c t i o n : Producer
S i n c e : 2001
G e a r : Roland-d-10,Alpha juno2,Jp-8000,YamahaMx12/4, Yamaha cs2x, Yamaha A5000(128mb,6gb),Behringer Virtualizer Pro,Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro,Alesis Ra300,Alesis Monitor Two
I C Q : 38414683
E - m a i l :
F i n a l   w o r d s : Whats The WorD?__________//Cocaine!

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