Loans for energy efficiency of your chosen bank

Take advantage of current tax breaks

Take advantage of current tax breaks

Infra Bank is a bank that provides many different types of loans for all needs. Depending on what you need, you can get flexible and interesting financing that adapts to the concrete needs of daily life.

The Infra Bank Green range is designed to allow families to invest in energy redevelopment projects. Among the many modern loans we can mention the Infra Bank Green Financing for energy efficiency. It is a loan of up to 100 thousand USD which covers all the costs of the house , even up to 100% of the necessary expenses, to make the home energy efficient. You can also take advantage of current tax breaks.

Infra Bank Green financing for energy efficiency, for example, allows you to install new boilers, or new solar panels, or to replace the fixtures: in short, it allows you to take advantage of the total expense coverage in order to energetically requalify your home. Not only that, Infra Bank also provides a completely free energy check up which is used to quantify what the benefits are and the economic savings resulting from the redevelopment of the house.

The Infra Bank Green financing for energy efficiency and all Infra Bank Green loans for the environment are designed to save on your bill by means of an intelligence investment.

Designed for both families and businesses

Designed for both families and businesses

The Infra Bank Green Families loan is designed for both families and businesses. In essence it is a loan designed to renovate private homes with very competitive conditions and offers. The rate is fixed and allows 100% coverage of the redevelopment and interventions costs. The minimum loan is $ 5,000 and the maximum loan is $ 100,000, making interventions of any kind possible. The amortization period ranges from 6 years to 10 years.

The Infra Bank Green loan is always accompanied by the presence of some company technicians who are available to help people understand how to improve energy efficiency, and can estimate the work for the installation, for example of a photovoltaic system.

This check up which, as we said, is free, allows you to understand how much you save by qualifying the house.

Infra Bank Green also has a loan designed for companies, to increase the energy efficiency of the individual company and to reduce consumption, and therefore save money. Also in this case it will be possible to obtain an inspection to verify the job opportunities and the estimate.

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