nov 28, 05
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Acappella literally means in the manner of the church in Italian.
It is solo singing or a group vocals, without having an instrumental sound.
When you hear acappella you will not be able to prevent stopping in your tracks,
whatever you are doing -cooking dinner, playing about at or in a shop,
you will stop and take notice.
There is something almost ethereal about it.

Below you will find a wonderful selection of Acappellas. There is something here that will suit all tastes.
All we want is for you to have a listen and hear some new sounds. Music is so important to those of us here at UCP and we want to share our passion with you.

We hope you like what you find here.

a c a p e l l a s
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor I Can't Help Myself Hiphouse rap vocals 581kb
Beats International Dub Be Good to Me Female vocals 2580kb
Doug-E-Fresh & MC Ricky D (new) La-Di-La-Di Oldskool rap vocals 4200kb
Icy D. & Doc Daze Get on Up & Dance Hiphouse rap vocals 3000kb
MC Sar Don't Stop Hiphouse rap vocals 1000kb
Sagat Fuk Dat ! Male vocals 2700kb
Sonic Surfers Beat of Zen Hiphouse rap vocals 511kb
Sybil Walk on By Female vocals 2600kb
Tony Scott (new) Move To The Bigband Rap vocals 3700kb
Young MC (new) Fastest Rhyme Rap vocals 766kb

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